JS DECO - where passion for quality design marries solid craftsmanship.

At JS DECO we understand that kitchen is the heart of your home. Therefore, we treat it with nothing but respect and assign a designated specialist to engage you in a collaborative process of creating your unique space. From start to finish.

We offer an array of manufacturing techniques, materials and practical solutions and let you select the ones reflecting your eclectic nature. We know that some decisions are not easy to make, so patiently, we answer all your questions until you are fully satisfied with your choices.

This is how your inimitable, exquisite kitchen is crafted. This is how we ensure that the final product fits; that it is sturdy and functional, and that its ergonomic solutions are worth every penny spend.

Trust us, once we’re done, you will not want to get out of your kitchen!

What we do

Residential Design

Interior design is for those, who prefer to create their living space rather than to adjust to living in a space mass produced for them. At JS DECO we believe that custom made furniture is the best solution in creating an exceptional design, distinguished in both aesthetics and function.

Hospitality Design

The colour of the walls, the type of lighting, the style, shape and size of furniture all play an integral part in creating a certain tone and atmosphere of a hospitality interior. At JS DECO, we run away from ‘common’ and offer nothing but elasticity to custom make durable furniture complementing your brand.



Interior design those days became a very complex process. Require not only knowledge about proportions, color compositions, and ergonomy, but also wisdom about the construction of furniture, market trends and possible constuction solutions. Thoes are fundations of our company.

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